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  Access Access OS6 Hermode Tuning is a component of the new OS6 under the name Pure Tuning.
  Apple Logic Pro 7 Apple since Logic Pro 7

Apple brought the first sequencer and Sampler on the market, equipped with HMT. Since Logic Pro 7 Hermode Tuning is full implemented and again Apple proves its high quality consciousness and the innovation strength.

- See Logic Pro real-time tuning system
- See Logic Pro user manual > Project Settings in Logic Pro > Tuning Settings

  Cakewalk rgc: audio Cakewalk


The z3ta+ software synthesizer will be the world-first virtual instrument to feature the Hermode Tuning technology. The software is available for windows PCs. By the time rgc:audio has been adopted by the renown software producer Cakewalk.

  Capella Software Capella - capella 7
- capella 1200
- capella-scan
- capella playAlong
- tonica fugata
- audite!
- capriccio
- capella Vienna orchestra

In almost all available products from capella Software is the capella-tune-technology with Hermode Tuning included:

Capella offers their products as well in different product bundles. Available for Windows XP, Vista 32-bit, WIndows 7 32-bit.

  Conent Orgeln

Content Organs


The dutch organ manufactor CONTENT offers Hermode Tuning as an option for his classical organs.

  Conent Orgeln Crudebyte & KApro Kurt Ader Productions & Hermode Tuning

iSymphonic Orchestra
(App Store)

The iSymphonic Orchestra is the first app for Apples iPad who is equipped with Hermode Tuning. Itis the result of a cooperation between the software vendor Crudebyte, the sample sound producer Kurt Ader, the specialist for excellent and outstanding orchestra samples and Hermode Tuning.

  Steinberg Cubase Steinberg since
Cubase 7

Pure tuning for that extra punch

Beneath many new features Steinberg has equiped its new Cubase 7 Hermode Tuning.

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updated: 09/13/2014